CoolStar® Kit: 150Watt 220Volt Fluorescent Kit

$ 40.00


The CoolStar® 150 is the brightest CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) available for use in a soft box. Color balanced to 5600°K, allowing for daylight balanced shooting.

Cool light operation allows for continuous lighting while using economical strobe-designed soft boxes.

Brightness equivalent to 450-500w tungsten light. 8000 Lumens.

Still Scenario: Medium silver-interior soft box (at 5 feet) with single layer diffusion:

    ISO 200
    1/30 sec.

Video Scenario: Medium silver-interior soft box (at 3 feet) with single layer diffusion

    f6.8 @ 125 shutter speed @ low gain
    f3.1 @ 180 shutter speed @ low gain
    f2.8 @ 250 shutter speed @ low gain

Works with the Starlite® QL light heads. 220V ONLY *Not for use in the USA

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