LiteReach Kit

$ 25.00


This kit could well be the photography assistant's best friend. The extension arm allows the mobile photographer to quickly position their ShoeMount Flash and Radio Slave inside their favorite small-sized SoftBox, or Umbrella. A photography assistant can hold a light up to 34 inches (86.4cm) overhead, or swing it low under the camera frame, getting just the lighting effect you are looking for with minimal preparation and setup.

This makes the LiteReach ideal for events such as weddings or corporate parties where spontaneous shots are difficult, if not impossible to prepare for beforehand; or in small or crowded areas where setting up LiteStands is just notpractical. The LiteReach will act as an extension of an assistant's arm and allow them to quickly and easily move the light around, keeping up with the action, and able to respond quickly to changing needs.